Food and Beverage Operation Being Run Properly

Therefore, I am qualified to oversee a Food and Beverage operation.

In assessing the operations of many clubs/inns each month, I discover that one of the maximum poorly operated, inconsistent areas of club/hotel operations is Food and Beverage. Especially in member owned environments, which can be regularly overseen through a membership board, people appear to assume that because they dine out, they someway have a few level of knowledge that lets in them to make enterprise choices about this vital issue of the club. The fact is that this is one of the maximum complex departments in a club to control, control, and bring a consistent revel in.

Let’s ask some questions!

Is your Food and Beverage enjoy suitable for what your participants/guests need to have on your membership/inn? Are you priced properly, too excessive, or too low? How do you realize? Are you tracking cowl counts by way of day? By shift? By hour?

Are your food alternatives stuck in yesteryear, a pleasant stability of vintage favorites and new selections, or edgy? Is your menu designed for characteristic or fashion? Do you convert your menu quarterly, or at the least semi-yearly to maintain it clean? Or is it changed every yr or two and end up a club dinosaur? What are your product specs and portion sizes? Is each object for your menu costed? What is your purpose for a los angeles carte meals value? Do the contribution margin on each item on your menu?

What about your unique activities. Are they absolutely unique? Do they invent a buzz within the Club? Are they eagerly expected or the equal component that become carried out the last 10 years with not anything extra than the year modified within the newsletter and promotional piece touting the occasion? Is your body of workers challenged every area to attempt new activities? New charge points?

Got Value?

What approximately price brought programming? It’s taking place each day within the hospitality industry. Chili’s, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Flemings, Cody’s Roadhouse, McDonalds, Quiznos, Subway, and plenty of different national franchises are actively programming to hold humans coming in. Any surprise the success price of franchises is over 90% at the same time as the achievement rate of personally owned restaurants is set 10%?

What are you doing in your membership to create a “WOW” on your contributors/visitors for your Food and Beverage offerings? Are you status pat to your $32 filet and $28 sea bass questioning why you’re doing so few covers? Or, are you attempting new principles that can provide “meal alternative” dining instead of best “unique occasion” eating?

Something as easy as Happy Hour can generate extra utilization. Comfort meals along with meatloaf, chook pot pie, lasagna, or similar for” at $eight or $9 at some stage in the week are famous. Taco bars, pasta bars, burger night time, half price on bottles of house wine, Fresh Fish Fridays or a Friday Fish Fry, a Chef’s choice at a special price on slower evenings, sushi nights, appetizers at a special price, entertainment, and many different standards and events power usage, offer incremental revenue, and hold the personnel running. Are you experimenting with new activities in your membership/resort? Give it a try. You’ll be amazed on the buzz it creates.

The Experience

How is your eating room offered? With white tablecloths? No tablecloths? Placemats? Are you charging accurately for the revel in you are presenting?

How are your buffets offered? Elegantly with skirting, floral shows, and brilliant silver chafing dishes? Or rudimentary with little or no frills? Does it make sense?

Do you have got standards of operation to ensure the food and beverage revel in to your members/guests? Is every team of workers member wearing a clean and pressed specific uniform? Is there a particular way to present menus, serve, meals, cocktails, and wine? Are contributors known as through name? Are particular steps of provider in place?